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Is surrogacy legal in Mexico for gay or single parents?

Surrogacy is permitted in Mexico for gay or single parents; some states in Mexico have legalized same sex marriage, it’s just a matter of
time until the entire country legalizes same sex marriage.

Is surrogacy legal in Mexico?

The law regarding “surrogacy” is not clearly defined in Mexico EXCEPT in the state of Tabasco. The state of Tabasco has clearly defined
the surrogacy laws; this is where we operate our surrogacy program. Due to the great success rates of Fertility Center Cancun, we have found the best result to be a start in Cancun with a premier clinic and prenatal care with movement to Tabasco around the 7th month of pregnancy or when indicated by prenatal reports.

What is a “substitute mother?”

In Mexico the woman who is carrying your baby is not called a “surrogate,” she is called a “substitute mother” because she has no genetic link to the baby therefore she has no legal rights to the baby.

Why do the fees for the Cancun program vary so widely?

There are several programs we provide based on the specific needs of our clients. Our standard program fee with frozen embryo transfers (embryos created elsewhere and shipped to Cancun) is in line with other Mexican surrogacy programs. The one major difference is we offer surrogate housing as well as US OBGYN supervision and lifestyle management. This means reports from all prenatal visits will be sent directly to our bilingual OBGYN in Redwood City, CA for review with you, the intended parent.

We also offer the use of US egg donors via My Donor Cycle. Presently, no other Mexican surrogacy agencies are able to provide US egg donors. Most My Donor Cycle donors are open to communication prior to the matching process as well as additional photos or more profile information. Often, videos and/or personality profiles about the donors are
made available to assist with the selection process.

Even though our program is based in Mexico, it is supervised by two US doctors, Dr. Michael Feinman from HRC Fertility who oversees egg donor preparation and IVF and Dr. Jan Rydfors from Bay Area Fertility & Pregnancy Specialists who monitors the surrogates and prenatal care during the pregnancy. Our team provides you with the most up to date information about your surrogates health and your baby.