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Building the path to parenthood.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders is very unique in its field for a number of reasons. We offer many services designed to give the most flexible and transparent surrogacy journey possible while maintaining our exceptional standards and high success rates.

You will have the option of choosing among about 620 possible egg donors (some Mexican and local to the clinic and some from the US). Donors are of various different ethnic backgrounds and many donors are willing to be open or provide additional information to potential couples.

We require each donor and surrogate to be covered by complication insurance to protect you in case something goes wrong during retrieval or delivery. This limits your liability in ways not possible with other programs.

You can choose the relationship you want with your surrogate. Many couples choose to speak with their surrogates on a weekly or monthly basis and some choose to have a more distant relationship. Surrogates and Recipients are matched with their counterparts based on the level of interaction desired to ensure a low stress process for all.

We house our surrogates to ensure the highest level of safety, control and chances of success. Our homes are available to tour if you find your self in Cancun. Each home has a House Manager in charge of ensuring all surrogates are safe, well fed, taking medication as directed before transfer and taking prenatal vitamins. Please read more here about our surrogate-housing program.

Escrow services are provided with each surrogacy to ensure the protection of your funds. You will only remit your agency fee directly to us and the remaining amount is kept in an escrow account, which is licensed, bonded and insured (please contact us for information on the escrow company used).

Surrogacy Beyond Borders offers outstanding surrogacy services in Mexico

Surrogacy Beyond Borders offers outstanding surrogacy services in Mexico! We work with the premiere clinic in Mexico City, MX with surrogates housed in beautiful Cancun, MX. We make ethical, transparent and quality surrogacy affordable to couples all over the world. US surrogacy programs can cost from $120,000 – $160,000 with the exposure for costs sky rocketing higher! Our Mexico surrogacy program starts at around $40,000 for surrogacy only with your own embryos and can cost up to about $78,000 for surrogacy with US egg donors.

We are working with Huntington Reproductive Center

We are working with Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC – Dr. Feinman) to create embryos stateside.

Now working with FCC clinic in Cancun, Mexico! Visit beautiful Cancun and make your family building dreams a reality.

Dr. Jan Rydfors will be joining our team as our US OBGYN responsible for all surrogate care. Please see his website for more information: Dr. Jan Rydfors

Donor Egg IVF (No Surrogate)

SERVICES |  Donor Egg IVF (No Surrogate)

My Donor Cycle partners with Surrogacy Beyond Borders to offer US and Mexican donors for a reduced cost for donor IVF cycles in one of our three partner clinics. Donors will be screened as they would be with any other program and legal agreements and complication coverage is purchased in all situations.

Prices for donor eggs and IVF with no surrogate range from $22,500 – $35,000 not including medications or screenings.


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Thoughts on Open Donation – Guest Post by Ellen Glazer

ellen-glazerI met this afternoon with a woman who is just beginning to look for an egg donor. As we approached donor profiles I commented that there is one key question: “Is she willing to meet the intended parents and down the line, the child?” To this my client said, “But wouldn’t meeting her be weird?” I replied, “I think not meeting her would feel weird.”

Here are a few thoughts about where each of us is coming from…I’ll begin with my client. She is, like so many others, exhausted following a long struggle with infertility. Multiple “failed” IVF cycles and the painful declaration, “you have BAD eggs” have left her feeling depleted and demoralized. For her, a donor –at this point—is a reminder of who she is not: a fertile woman with “GOOD” eggs. Why would she want to meet this woman who could make her feel worse? She is grateful to the donor for being willing to donate but also threatened by her. She thinks, “If by some miracle I am able to have a baby with her eggs, I wouldn’t want to think of her—I’d want to think this is really, truly my baby.” I get this and I’ve seen it so many times before. However, I have also seen what happens when people move forward with egg donation, become pregnant and realize, soon on that they are in fact, real, true mothers.

As confidence builds, fear of the donor recedes and is replaced, so often, with feelings of deep gratitude and affection and an acknowledgement that she and her donor have a lasting and intimate connection. She can begin to envision that a child will really come from their collaborative effort and that it would be great to be able to speak authentically and in an up-to-date and informed way about the donor with the child. It sure beats saying, “Your donor is #452 and I saw a photo of her.”

There are additional reasons why I encourage my clients to meet their donors (this can happen once a pregnancy is established or after birth if they are afraid that a pre-donation meeting will “jinx” them). These include having and sharing up-to-date medical information (assuming the donor agrees to stay in touch in some way) and it says something about the donor’s commitment to a hoped for child. A donor who is willing to meet and remain in contact is essentially saying that she is not simply sending her eggs out into the universe but rather, helping bring a child or children into the world who may have questions for her. Or simply a desire to meet.

Back to my client. I did not preach to her about the advantages of an open (or semi-open?) donation but encouraged her to keep an open mind. This means choosing a donor who is willing to be open. Knowing the donor’s willingness gives some control back to the intended mom, a woman who feels like she has lost so much control in her long, arduous, until now disappointing journey to parenthood.

Ellen S. Glazer, LICSWCo-author: Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation