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Donor sharing with two sperm providers

We often receive requests from our gay couples to have both partners participate genetically. This is something we do often and we encourage it when possible. With this, we will divide the eggs between both semen providers and fertilize each batch. You can choose to transfer one from each batch or you can choose to keep some frozen if you would like to have one child at a time. This helps to ensure you can have subsequent sibling cycles with the other genetic provider.

The clinics do charge additional fees for this process but if your intention is to have multiple children and have both partners participate, this saves a great deal of money in the long run.

Full Genetic testing

We work with Counsyl ( for full genetic testing on your donor or the semen provider. Regardless of the use of Counsyl, our clinics screen for Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Fragile X. If you prefer the more intensive and full panel, we are happy to perform Counsyl testing on any of our donors. Some of our prior donors already have had this test completed and you will have access to it for your medical records.

Sperm washing services for HIV positive recipients

Surrogacy Beyond Borders has an exclusive relationship with Huntington Reproductive Center ( for semen washing for Mexican surrogacy. If you are HIV positive, this will not prevent you from your family building goals. Dr. Michael Feinman is experienced in semen washing which removes the virus from the head of the semen and washes the semen of any non-spermatozoal cells. The best candidates for this process are HIV positive men with an undetectable viral load and highly active antiretroviral treatment.

A Complex Journey, A Simple Path.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders is equal opportunity and is committed to assisting couples of any make up. We work with singles, heterosexual couples and gay couples. Additionally, we are able to provide services to HIV positive couples with semen washing and embryo creation.

While each couple is a bit different in their needs, we have the experience and background to assist couples in any situation. If you have questions or concerns, we are always happy provide information and walk you through our plans to help you achieve your goals.

Is “Gender Selection” available?

Yes Gender Selection is available in at an additional charge. There are three types of Gender Selection available:

  • Sperm sorting, 70% accuracy
  • PGD, 99% accuracy
  • Sperm sorting with PGD, 99% accuracy that all the embryos will be the gender of your choice.