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What is the payment schedule?

Surrogacy Beyond Borders non-refundable agency fee is due upon selection of your donor. We will hold your donor for 72 hours as a courtesy. This fee should be sent directly to Surrogacy Beyond Borders. In order to begin your surrogacy journey all funds must be sent in full to our escrow account. In the event of an unsuccessful pregnancy the unused portion of your funds will be refunded.

Can we be in the delivery room when my baby is born?

If it’s a c-section birth, no as it is performed in a surgical setting. If it’s a traditional birth, it will be up to the surrogate.

How do we know when to be in Mexico to pick up the baby?

All of our births are performed by c-section so we can tell you exactly when to be there. If you would prefer a traditional birth please advise us in advance.

Whose name goes on the birth certificate?

Single parents: The biological link
Married heterosexual couples: Both parents

How long do I need to stay in Mexico once my baby is born?

You need to plan on staying in Mexico for at least three weeks once the baby is born. It takes two weeks for a baby’s immune system to be strong enough to be healthy enough to travel. Additionally it takes a total of about three weeks for your embassy to process the necessary paperwork and passport for your baby to leave Mexico.