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Will my child have dual citizenship?

Yes, your child will have dual citizenship however it is advised that you get the passport of your home country first.

How do I know my substitute mother is getting the proper care and being monitored properly throughout the pregnancy?

This is a success driven business for everyone, our doctors strive to provide the highest level of medical care. The substitute mothers are
continually monitored and tested throughout their pregnancy. Additionally, with the assistance of Dr. Jan Rydfors, you will be kept very well informed throughout the process.

Can I meet the surrogate?

Yes, we can arrange for you to meet or Skype with your surrogate once there is a confirmation of pregnancy. All of our meetings or
Skype calls are chaperoned by our Mexico manager as we do not want our clients to be put in position where they could potentially be leveraged for more money.

Will the pregnancy be reduced if the surrogate is carrying more than twins?

Yes, if a substitute mother is carrying more that twins there is an increase safety risk to the mother as well as the fetus’.

Do I have the rights to abort the pregnancy if the baby has health issues identified in utero?

This is up to the doctor to decide, abortion is technically illegal in Mexico however it is performed in Mexico City.