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How is the substitute mothers selected?

All the women that are selected to be substitute mothers are single mothers and have children at home; we use women who have had children before so we know they can carry a healthy baby to term. Additionally all of our substitute mothers go through thorough medical testing, screening and counseling.

How do I know that the surrogate won’t run off with my baby?

There is no biological link between the substitute mother and the baby therefore she has no rights to the baby. Before the embryos are
even implanted, the substitute mother has already signed a contract relinquishing any and all rights to the baby. Additionally, compensation is staggered to disincentivize problems arising from substitute mothers.

Where does the surrogate live during the pregnancy?

We provide surrogate housing in Cancun, this way the surrogate is constantly monitored, put on a nutritional diet and driven to all
of her medical appointments. During the end of the third trimester, we house the surrogate in an apartment close to the clinic and hospital in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Where is the baby born?

The baby is born in one of two private hospitals in Tabasco.

Where does the implantation take place?

The IVF cycle and embryo transfer(s) take place in Cancun. We also have an option where you can have the IVF performed in the US at HRC Fertility with Dr. Feinman and we will ship the embryos to Mexico.