Hello World!

Surprised baby boy using a laptop computer

I have thought of writing a blog for awhile but never taken the bull by the horns. I decided to start this particular blog, on this particular day because I realize as a long term surrogacy and donor agency lady, I have a lot of the same conversations on a weekly if not daily basis.

As much information there is about some parts (mainly the bad or sales parts) of surrogacy and egg donation out there, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of answers to the questions commonly asked and the situations commonly experienced by donors, surrogates and Intended Parents.

My hope is to inform and also create a space for people to ask openly or privately questions relating to a very sensitive and sometimes difficult journey.

A note about moderation – I encourage open and honest discussion and questions about egg donation and surrogacy and the issues surrounding it both in the states and abroad. Comments which add to this goal will be approved. Please respect confidentiality and if you share a story, please make sure it is either yours or you have permission to share it.

Let’s get started!