donor-teresaPart of my goal with this blog is to show as many sides to this issue as possible. I frequently get asked the motivations for a donor’s donation. I think it is always interesting to hear from our donors, especially those who choose to donate more than once. Here I have the comments from one of our amazing repeat donors who has been with us for a couple of years.

“As far back as I can remember I have always loved helping people. My parents instilled good morals and lived their lives with the golden rule in mind. I first came aware of the egg donation process when a friends aunt was considering egg donation as an option.

They had three unsuccessful IVF attempts due to female infertility factor and egg donation was the last result. Seeing the sadness and how it affected her entire life really sparked an interest in me. I remember thinking what a horrible situation she was going through. I began to do some research on fertility and the egg donation process. I really felt for these couples who desperately needed donor eggs to create their own families. As I deepened my knowledge my heart really went out for all men and women put in this tough predicament. Being introduced to My Donor Cycle I felt very informed and well guided through the entire egg donation process. After completing the preliminary tests of becoming an applicable donor, I had a realization of the commitment and dedication I was willing to do to help someone I had never even met. At the beginning of this journey I would have never of guessed at how much I have grown as a person. I have a greater understanding of the lengths I will go to help someone in need. It also deepened my capacity to empathize with the hardships and suffering of others. It also gave me joy and the elation of an successful donation. Being a egg donor changed my life positively. I hope this process changes all the lives of of intended parents for the best possible outcome. Everyone deserves the chance to have their dreams come true.”

Contributed by: Donor Teresa, Arizona, 2014