• Why do the fees for the Cancun program vary so widely? +

    There are several programs we provide based on the specific needs of our clients. Our standard program fee with frozen embryo transfers (embryos created elsewhere and shipped to Cancun) is in line with other Mexican surrogacy programs. The one major difference is we offer surrogate housing as well as US OBGYN supervision and lifestyle management. This means reports from all prenatal visits will be sent directly to our bilingual OBGYN in Redwood City, CA for review with you, the intended parent. We also offer the use of US egg donors via My Donor Cycle. Presently, no other Mexican surrogacy agencies are able to provide US egg donors. Most My Donor Cycle donors are open to communication prior to the matching process as well as additional photos or more profile information. Often, videos and/or personality profiles about the donors are made available to assist with the selection process. Even though our program is based in Mexico, it is supervised by two US doctors, Dr. Michael Feinman from HRC Fertility who oversees egg donor preparation and IVF and Dr. Jan Rydfors from Bay Area Fertility & Pregnancy Specialists who monitors the surrogates and prenatal care during the pregnancy. Our team provides you with the most up to date information about your surrogates health and your baby.
  • What is a “substitute mother?” +

    In Mexico the woman who is carrying your baby is not called a “surrogate,” she is called a “substitute mother” because she has no genetic link to the baby therefore she has no legal rights to the baby.
  • Is surrogacy legal in Mexico? +

    The law regarding “surrogacy” is not clearly defined in Mexico EXCEPT in the state of Tabasco. The state of Tabasco has clearly defined the surrogacy laws; this is where we operate our surrogacy program. Due to the great success rates of Fertility Center Cancun, we have found the best result to be a start in Cancun with a premier clinic and prenatal care with movement to Tabasco around the 7th month of pregnancy or when indicated by prenatal reports.
  • Is surrogacy legal in Mexico for gay or single parents? +

    Surrogacy is permitted in Mexico for gay or single parents; some states in Mexico have legalized same sex marriage, it’s just a matter of time until the entire country legalizes same sex marriage.
  • Where does the implantation take place? +

    The IVF cycle and embryo transfer(s) take place in Cancun. We also have an option where you can have the IVF performed in the US at HRC Fertility with Dr. Feinman and we will ship the embryos to Mexico.
  • Where is the baby born? +

    The baby is born in one of two private hospitals in Tabasco.
  • Where does the surrogate live during the pregnancy? +

    We provide surrogate housing in Cancun, this way the surrogate is constantly monitored, put on a nutritional diet and driven to all of her medical appointments. During the end of the third trimester, we house the surrogate in an apartment close to the clinic and hospital in Villahermosa, Tabasco.
  • How do I know that the surrogate won’t run off with my baby? +

    There is no biological link between the substitute mother and the baby therefore she has no rights to the baby. Before the embryos are even implanted, the substitute mother has already signed a contract relinquishing any and all rights to the baby. Additionally, compensation is staggered to disincentivize problems arising from substitute mothers.
  • How is the substitute mothers selected? +

    All the women that are selected to be substitute mothers are single mothers and have children at home; we use women who have had children before so we know they can carry a healthy baby to term. Additionally all of our substitute mothers go through thorough medical testing, screening and counseling.
  • Do I have the rights to abort the pregnancy if the baby has health issues identified in utero? +

    This is up to the doctor to decide, abortion is technically illegal in Mexico however it is performed in Mexico City.
  • Will the pregnancy be reduced if the surrogate is carrying more than twins? +

    Yes, if a substitute mother is carrying more that twins there is an increase safety risk to the mother as well as the fetus’.
  • Can I meet the surrogate? +

    Yes, we can arrange for you to meet or Skype with your surrogate once there is a confirmation of pregnancy. All of our meetings or Skype calls are chaperoned by our Mexico manager as we do not want our clients to be put in position where they could potentially be leveraged for more money.
  • How do I know my substitute mother is getting the proper care and being monitored properly throughout the pregnancy? +

    This is a success driven business for everyone, our doctors strive to provide the highest level of medical care. The substitute mothers are continually monitored and tested throughout their pregnancy. Additionally, with the assistance of Dr. Jan Rydfors, you will be kept very well informed throughout the process.
  • Will my child have dual citizenship? +

    Yes, your child will have dual citizenship however it is advised that you get the passport of your home country first.
  • How long do I need to stay in Mexico once my baby is born? +

    You need to plan on staying in Mexico for at least three weeks once the baby is born. It takes two weeks for a baby’s immune system to be strong enough to be healthy enough to travel. Additionally it takes a total of about three weeks for your embassy to process the necessary paperwork and passport for your baby to leave Mexico.
  • Whose name goes on the birth certificate? +

    Single parents: The biological link Married heterosexual couples: Both parents
  • How do we know when to be in Mexico to pick up the baby? +

    All of our births are performed by c-section so we can tell you exactly when to be there. If you would prefer a traditional birth please advise us in advance.
  • Can we be in the delivery room when my baby is born? +

    If it’s a c-section birth, no as it is performed in a surgical setting. If it’s a traditional birth, it will be up to the surrogate.
  • What is the payment schedule? +

    Surrogacy Beyond Borders non-refundable agency fee is due upon selection of your donor. We will hold your donor for 72 hours as a courtesy. This fee should be sent directly to Surrogacy Beyond Borders. In order to begin your surrogacy journey all funds must be sent in full to our escrow account. In the event of an unsuccessful pregnancy the unused portion of your funds will be refunded.
  • Is “Gender Selection” available? +

    Yes Gender Selection is available in at an additional charge. There are three types of Gender Selection available: Sperm sorting, 70% accuracy PGD, 99% accuracy Sperm sorting with PGD, 99% accuracy that all the embryos will be the gender of your choice. .
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