Surrogacy is a very large investment no matter how it is done. US surrogacy can range in price for about $120,000 – $160,000 (for surrogate and donor) on average assuming things go right the first time.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders was founded with the desire to provide an affordable alternative to the US system. Our company is US based and has seven years of experience in surrogacy in the US. Surrogacy Beyond Borders uses the same screening, nutritional, qualification and prenatal care standards for their Mexico program as are used for US programs of two to three times the cost.

With Surrogacy Beyond Borders, you can expect to pay between $61,000 – $78,000 for surrogacy and egg donation services (if you already have embryos and just need a surrogate, you can expect to pay around $52,000). These prices are inclusive of agency fees, legal fees, medical fees, surrogate fees, donor fees, and most other fees needed to complete your cycle (with notable exceptions of your travel and embassy fees).

Please request an estimate for your particular situation. With a few simple answers (US vs. Mexico donor, one or two semen providers, HIV treatment, gender selection, etc) we are able to provide a quote for your process.