At Surrogacy Beyond Borders, we understand surrogacy in general and especially when it is in a different country, can be very stressful. Each and every client is assigned to a specific Case Manager who is responsible for managing your case from beginning to end. Your Case Manager is available for questions or concerns.

Our response time is pretty immediate but we commit to responding to each email within 48 hours. If we know the answer to your question, you should typically hear back within an hour (during business hours).

While you will have your Case Manager to assist, you are also welcome to communicate with the clinic performing the process, the surrogate manager in Mexico, and if there are any issues needing resolution and you are not able to get it though the normal channels, our Directors will step in to help assist.

We have an open door policy and encourage couples either before or during cycle to come visit us in San Diego or visit our housing in Cancun or Tabasco. We find it is very helpful when we can have a meeting in person or when you are able to see where your surrogate will be living.

We care very much about your experience with us and have implemented an accountability system for your Case Manager. If you have had a positive or negative experience and you want us to know about it, please use our Feedback system on our site to either reward your Case Manager for exceptional service or alert us to any issue we need to address to ensure the best possible service.