Surrogacy Beyond Borders ensures the highest level of quality by choosing the best possible medical partners.

We work with Huntington Reproductive Center with Dr. Michael Feinman to handle medical services completed in the US. This includes optional embryo creation, semen treatments, semen testing, donor retrievals, consults and optional gender selection.

We work with Fertility Center Cancun in Cancun, Mexico with Dr. Jose Gaytan for embryo creation, donor retrievals, frozen embryo transfers, optional gender selection and prenatal care through month six or seven (depending on if a singleton or twin pregnancy).

We work with top physicians dealing with high-risk pregnancy in Villahermosa, Tabasco who handles our deliveries at Hospital Air.

You are welcome to speak with any of our medical providers at any time about your case. Reports are provided in English within 2-4 days from the time of appointments. Any potential complications are dealt with immediately and recipients are kept informed.

We boast some of the highest success rates for a Mexico program (or even US programs) with 72% success on first frozen embryo transfer*. We attribute this high success rate to great medical partners and the tight oversight on our surrogates throughout the process.

*Success rates are updated every three months and are accurate as of 12/15/2014