Surrogacy Beyond Borders is very unique in its field for a number of reasons. We offer many services designed to give the most flexible and transparent surrogacy journey possible while maintaining our exceptional standards and high success rates.

You will have the option of choosing among about 620 possible egg donors (some Mexican and local to the clinic and some from the US). Donors are of various different ethnic backgrounds and many donors are willing to be open or provide additional information to potential couples.

We require each donor and surrogate to be covered by complication insurance to protect you in case something goes wrong during retrieval or delivery. This limits your liability in ways not possible with other programs.

You can choose the relationship you want with your surrogate. Many couples choose to speak with their surrogates on a weekly or monthly basis and some choose to have a more distant relationship. Surrogates and Recipients are matched with their counterparts based on the level of interaction desired to ensure a low stress process for all.

We house our surrogates to ensure the highest level of safety, control and chances of success. Our homes are available to tour if you find your self in Cancun. Each home has a House Manager in charge of ensuring all surrogates are safe, well fed, taking medication as directed before transfer and taking prenatal vitamins. Please read more here about our surrogate-housing program.

Escrow services are provided with each surrogacy to ensure the protection of your funds. You will only remit your agency fee directly to us and the remaining amount is kept in an escrow account, which is licensed, bonded and insured (please contact us for information on the escrow company used).