At Surrogacy Beyond Borders, it is important that all parties of this process from the Intended Parents, to the Donors, to the Vendors and our Surrogates are all being treated fairly and ethically.

A surrogacy arraignment, while designed to benefit mainly the Intended Parents, should also be positively life changing for the Surrogate giving life to the couple. With this in mind, our housing and the benefits offered our Surrogates ensure their journey with you is impactful in the most positive way possible.

All of our surrogates are unmarried single mothers to ensure we are not splitting up families. Each surrogate is invited and encouraged to bring their small children with them into housing to ensure the children are not missing their mothers during this journey. Each house has plenty of healthful food readily available, is located in a very safe and secured neighborhood, and is within five minutes from the hospital and clinic.

Additionally, surrogates are invited to participate in our weekly English lessons and we have a therapist visit the house weekly for sessions with each of the women to ensure they are dealing with any feelings they may be having.

Children are all enrolled in school and we ensure their health expenses are covered in case of illness. The children in the home are offered the same care and attention as the surrogates to ensure their lives are made better by this process.

Many of our staff come from surrogates in our program who decide they are interested in participating more with the company. We find this is a great way to bring in experienced staff who know the ropes and also provide a career after surrogacy. If they do not join our team when they are done with their journey, we provide assistance with job placement.

Most of our surrogates have plans to return to college after their surrogacy journey with the fee they receive. If you would like to see comments and thoughts from some of our current surrogates, please view our blog. We have had some of their letters translated and posted to help Intended Parents understand our Surrogates.