Lilly_HeadshotLILLY FROST  |  Program Director

Lilly Frost is the Program Director of Surrogacy Beyond Borders. She also founded My Donor Cycle in 2008 and has been managing and growing My Donor Cycle which is an egg donation and surrogacy agency serving Intended Parents in the United States and abroad. She has a great deal of experience in developing and running a successful agency and felt it was time to expand to international cycles. This was as a result of working with many Intended Parents who desired to expand their family but found the US market to be cost prohibitive. Lilly is also the co-founder of Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (

Lilly enjoys speaking with families considering egg donation and surrogacy or just general IVF. She appreciates being part of the process from the beginning and is always willing to create time to discuss the process from the start to the end even if you haven’t made the choice to proceed with this path as of yet.

Lilly Frost can be reached at or direct via phone at 650.208.6015