Surrogacy with Donor Eggs

Prices range from $62,000 – $81,000 depending on donor and services selected.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders is exclusively partnered with My Donor Cycle (, one of the leading US based agencies with over 600 available egg donors. We also have a database of donors based in Cancun for local cycles. All donors through our program undergo the same rigorous screenings as they would with a standard US cycle.

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Surrogacy with Recipient Eggs (Including IVF)

Prices range from $57,000 – $64,000 depending on surrogacy and travel services selected.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders works with clinics in Los Angeles and Las Vegas as well as Cancun for our surrogacy program with IVF using your own eggs. We have exclusive pricing available to Surrogacy Beyond Borders clients.

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Surrogacy with your Own Embryos (No IVF)

Prices range from $52,000 – $60,000 depending on surrogacy options selected.

Do you already have embryos that are genetically related to at least one parent? Surrogacy Beyond Borders is able to ship your embryos from virtually any IVF clinic in the world to our fertility clinic in Cancun, Mexico. As soon as you sign the embryo release forms with your IVF clinic, we will apply for an import certificate to bring your embryos into Mexico.

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Standard IVF (No Surrogate or Donor)

Prices range from $12,000 – $14,500 depending on travel expense and medication needed.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders has exclusive pricing with facilities in LA, Las Vegas and Cancun. We are able to provide services for recipient couples using their own eggs with the ability to carry a pregnancy to term at reduced rates. We will help set you up at any of the three partnering clinics and provide fast turn around time on appointments and clinic set-ups.

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Donor Egg IVF (No Surrogate)

Prices range from $22,500 – $35,000 depending on travel, donor selected and medication needed.

My Donor Cycle partners with Surrogacy Beyond Borders to offer US and Mexican donors for a reduced cost for donor IVF cycles in one of our three partner clinics. Donors will be screened as they would be with any other program and legal agreements and complication coverage is purchased in all situations.

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PLEASE NOTE: All price ranges listed include everything needed to have a smooth, successful and stress free process. We know the costs of each aspect of the process and you are able to choose from our list of options to create your own package. All funds intended for outside parties (egg donor fee, travel, clinic fees, medication costs, surrogacy fee, housing, medical expenses, legal costs, US doctor fees, etc) are all stored in a separate escrow company (licensed and bonded). You will receive monthly accounting of your deposit and will be kept abreast at all times the location and balance of your funds. You are also responsible for the actual cost of the process. We provide best estimates but if the cost is lower or higher than quotes, you will pay the actual cost of the service.