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Do you already have embryos that are genetically related to at least one parent? Surrogacy Beyond Borders is able to ship your embryos from virtually any IVF clinic in the world to our fertility clinic in Cancun, Mexico. As soon as you sign the embryo release forms with your IVF clinic, we will apply for an import certificate to bring your embryos into Mexico. Once we know your embryos are on their way we will begin preparing your surrogate. Our surrogates undergo strict medical and psychological screening to ensure you are receiving the most qualified surrogate possible.

We are constantly receiving inquiries from women who want to be surrogates. This is due in large part to the desirable location of Cancun for the first year of their process. Only the most qualified women make it into our program. We have used the same standards as in the US for surrogate selection including considerations for BMI, age, and prior pregnancies. We also screen out surrogates with questionable medical histories both in general health and their prior pregnancies. Our standards were created by a US physician specializing in high-risk pregnancies.

Prices range from $67,000 – $83,000 (prices subject to change) depending on surrogacy options selected.


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