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Surrogacy Beyond Borders works with clinics in Los Angeles and Las Vegas as well as Cancun for our surrogacy program with IVF using your own eggs. We have exclusive pricing available to Surrogacy Beyond Borders clients.

With this program, you (the Intended Parent) will undergo necessary screenings either in your own area or at one of our facilities. If you choose to complete your IVF at either the LA clinic ( or the Las Vegas clinic (, we will coordinate shipping your embryos to our facilities in Cancun for transfer to one of our Mexican surrogates.

You can expect the process to take anywhere from 2-6 months depending on your schedule and how your body responds to medications. Once embryos are ready for shipping, we will begin working on contracts with your identified surrogate. Once your embryos arrive in Mexico, you can expect a transfer in about 2-3 weeks.

Additionally, if you prefer a fresh transfer, we can accommodate you at our center in Cancun ( In this case, you will begin the process with screenings and injections in your home area and come to Cancun for the last 7-12 days prior to retrieval. You will be able to meet our surrogates while you are in Cancun as well as visit our surrogate housing. If you choose to purchase complication insurance coverage, we will facilitate this for you.

The cost for this program depends on the clinic you select. Prices range from $67,000 – $83,000 (prices subject to change) including all items except your travel and screenings. Those costs will depend on where you are located and how much additional screening is required. We are able to use current screenings (within the last 6 months).


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